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Welcome to MxMarket, a company owned by CONNECT that provides the best International Platform for Innovative Businesses. We congratulate you if you already noticed how critical it is to explore new markets, having said that, we now must tell you that unfortunately if you are just realizing that: you are late to this race!.

Luckily, MxMarket offers you a guiding hand and a boost to position your idea, quickly and efficiently. What now looks as foreign will soon be friendly enough. We can help you out through what it might be still unknown territories: Our Home.
Either you need to expand current sales or extend your product/service life cycle; WE offer a share of the best networking and prepared professionals in the Latin-American market.

MxMarket was founded in 2011 for the purpose of  allowing Israeli companies wishing to take advantage of the Latin - American markets while focusing mainly on the rapidly evolving market of Mexico.

MxMarket  is a representation agency for Israely companies looking to expand their market participation to Latin American countries focused on the Mexican market (130 million habitants).

We currently handle a portfolio of 30 , cherry picked,  companies which offer innovative products in different areas of interest range from innovative high-tech to simple yet innovative merchandise products. 

We are located in Israel, but our management team include native Mexican as well as Israelis.

Our company  enjoys a vast amount of both political , administration and business acquaintances which allow us to move very fast in order to achieve our clients goals.

Our Global Market Development services are designed to support your business interests in growing international markets for your products and services.

Let MxMarket help you bridge opportunities in foreign markets by expanding your sales & distribution or creating the right partnership in country markets where our global network is already established. By leveraging MxMarket existing network, your impact is immediate.

To discuss your requirements in complete confidence, please contact Oren vardy at or Salo Pomerantz at


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